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User Testing vs A/B Testing - Which way to go?

Usability testing focuses on whether the product meets its intended purpose among its users effectively without frustrating the user and if possible, to the ...

All work and no play makes the *hum* go away

After reading Karthik Rajan’s post about Airbnb co-founder TEDx talk, I was inspired to visit the TED website for more!

The Myth of Multitasking

The world is moving at a rapid rate that there is a high demand for people who can “Multitask”.

The little things of User Experience

As a blogger on Linked In, I am experimenting on different aspects of blogging including understanding the analytics of the blog reach. Linked in provides a ...

Lessons from the lemonade stand

My daughter and three of her friends (7-10 year olds) had this bright idea on how they could make “lots” of pocket money by selling lemonade. Ideas are easy,...

Wagile to Agile

There is a lot of excitement around moving to agile methodologies. It is definitely enticing when one hears the stories of success and of how quickly things ...

Barplot using 'barplot' and 'ggplot'

R provides powerful ways to visualize data.

Creating a line graph based on Rank

Learning R and Shiny using the public perm labor data has given me a chance to peak into the real world challenges of data curation and wrangling.